Something that stood out to me this week in my studies was Isaiah 41:10. It was the inspiration for one of the verses of How Firm a Foundation. I really love the powerful words of "Fear thou not; for I am with thee... for I am thy God". It makes me think of "Be still and know that I am God." All things are in his control and I need not worry about every little thing. In the words of President Gordon B Hinckley, "It will all work out".

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

"General George S Patton says..." (June 9 - Redmond 3rd)

June 9, 2014

Goooooooooooood Morning!

The last week has been a pretty good week! We were able to get a lot done! We had a few amazing miracles. We had a Special Zone Meeting on Tuesday and we set a goal as a companionship to get 7 new investigators before Sunday. We prayed hard for miracles and went out to work. The first couple of days we didn't see any new investigators but on Friday we found 4 new investigators! Some of whom have family we haven't met yet! We were so excited! Then on Saturday, we went out with zeal to find the remaining. Tracting wasn't very effective that night, but around 7:30ish we visited a former investigator family that we didn't understand why they were dropped. Before knocking on the door, we prayed again for a miracle and we got one. The family invited us in and we taught a fantastic Restoration! We were able to put the father on date for baptism and he commit to read the Book of Mormon with his Wife every night! We have a church tour set for Tuesday as well! They have a 10 year old and a 4 year old too! It was overall just an amazing miracle! 

On Sunday, one of our investigators, Jacob (The russian investigator), came to church again but this time his entire family was able to come (Mom and Sister). It was absolutely amazing! This week was just full of miracles. 

The Assistants to to the President called us on Saturday morning to and specifically challeneged Elder Kearley and I to baptize 6 people this month.  They believe there are 6 people prepared to be baptized, and quite frankly, so do we.  There is just so much potential here in the Redmond 3rd ward.  It is fantastic!

Its been awhile since I shared something I have learned but I have been thinking a lot recently about making decisions.  So I'd like to share my insights. As you already know, I am indecisive and I hate making decisions.  I always ask for other people's opinions in the hopes they can make a decision for me.  In the event that anyone else struggles with this concept as I do, I offer a few words of my own experience.  I studied what the apostles and prophet has said on this occasion and how it relates to our own happiness.  I have come to the conclusion that my happiness increases as I make decisions and move forward.  Yes, there are times that I am wrong, but fear of being wrong should not be something that holds me back from making a decision.  Indecision is a decision in itself.  Often I find myself saying "I'll do it when I figure out the best way." To that General George S Patton says "A good plan violently excuted right now is worth a hundred perfect plans put off until next week."  To the times that my "good plan" turns out to be a "not-so-good plan" Benjamin Disraeli offers "action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action" (emphasis added).  Reflecting on these thoughts, have brought me to the conclusion that I can act boldy and confidently.  Indecision is a deceitful way to lure us away from moving forward in our own physical, intellectual and spiritual progression.

As always, I express my love for you and I hope that all is going well.  I love hearing from you all!

Elder Connor M. Garriss

 My camera did something weird but it looked cool

 The Mikels have a parrot, we had a staring contest

The picture on the WSM Mom's FB was of Elder Kearley and I filling balloons with flour to make stress balls.  Well, this morning, Elder Kearley may have been a little overstressed...



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