Something that stood out to me this week in my studies was Isaiah 41:10. It was the inspiration for one of the verses of How Firm a Foundation. I really love the powerful words of "Fear thou not; for I am with thee... for I am thy God". It makes me think of "Be still and know that I am God." All things are in his control and I need not worry about every little thing. In the words of President Gordon B Hinckley, "It will all work out".

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beer-sheba. Is that Bath-sheba's redneck sister?" - Elder Garriss (Me)‏ August 4, 2014-Redmond 1st

August 4, 2014

Do you know how many people come to the library to play Facebook games?  A lot.  They're not even that cool, just sayin'.  Anyway, you would probably rather hear about my week.

Last p-day we played basketball at the church with a few of the youth for about 2 hours.  It was great! I love any opportunity I get to play sports.  We also got to go over to the Livingston's for FHE and they're a blast!  I love that family.

We had District Meeting this week, and President Choi decided to come and visit ours.  On the way, I managed to get mud on my suit pants  because we rode our bikes.  He called me out on it.  0 for 2 on District Meetings now (last week we had President Wood -- 2nd counselor in mission presidency-- come to our District Meeting and we thought it started at 11, not 10:30 and were late.).  Classic.  Then the maintenance came and fixed the mold issue we had. Turned out the water heater line had a leak in it and needed a new tube.  Got it fixed.

We were able to have a great lesson with Virginia this week!  She loves to talk.  Then we hit up a referral we got.  This man is prepared! He's seeking happiness and noticed how the Mormons around him were all happy and he has everything he needs but isn't happy.  We're really excited for him.

We got to launch Water Balloons out of a 3 person slingshot with the teachers because our 15 year old investigator went to mutual and the teachers invited us to be there with him.  That was pretty fun, not gonna lie.  I don't think shooting water balloons out of a 3 person slingshot will ever get old.

We taught a few more lessons but nothing really out of the ordinary haha.  We had a great dinner at the Hansen's last night -- another super awesome family.  He served his mission in England so it was fun to hear some of those stories.  Oh! We started the morning off helping a member install the last few solar panels on the roof of his house starting at 6:15 this morning.  That was pretty sweet.  Anyway, I love you!  Hope you have a great week!

Elder Garriss

FHE with Cathi Williams Family

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