Something that stood out to me this week in my studies was Isaiah 41:10. It was the inspiration for one of the verses of How Firm a Foundation. I really love the powerful words of "Fear thou not; for I am with thee... for I am thy God". It makes me think of "Be still and know that I am God." All things are in his control and I need not worry about every little thing. In the words of President Gordon B Hinckley, "It will all work out".

Sunday, January 11, 2015

I have found that I really enjoy teaching!

December 9, 2014

No quote this week :( I forgot to write it down...  Anyway...

It was a pretty good week.  The clouds came back but we avoided the rain until today! That was nice.  It was warmer too since the clouds were back.  
As for the work -- we found some solid families that we can potentially work with.  Still no new investigators yet, but hopefully soon!  We had our ward Christmas party! It was a lot of fun (even though it was a Christmas Breakfast which I have opinions on but we'll save that for another day and another time).  We were able to connect with some of the members of the ward.  
We have had quite a few missionaries come home in the last month.  About 3 in this ward.  Pretty sweet! Oh! We got to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional on Sunday.  It had a wonderful Christmas spirit to it.  What a great blessing!
I had the opportunity to teach Gospel Principles again this week.  My lesson was on the Post-Mortal Spirit World.  I was told it went well.  I have found that I really enjoy teaching!  Especially in the classroom setting that Gospel Principles supplies.
Last night we had dinner with the Nelsons and they invited Jing to come too.  We had taught her over there a few times so they have become friends.  We watched the Restoration movie with her and she loved it!  She is seriously so solid and committed.  I also had a Candy Cane Standoff with Eli Nelson.  It is on Natalie Nelson's snapchat storyline should you desire to witness my standoff abilities. :D
I finished the Book of Mormon again.  What a blessing! This time through, our mission presidency challenged us to read a blank copy marking only the words of God and Jesus Christ and any descriptions of them (in 2 different colors -- one for words, one for descriptions).  It has been our own Christmas present to ourselves and it is a pretty neat testimony of the Book of Mormon being a witness of Christ as you flip through the pages and only see one or 2 without highlights on them.
Overall, a pretty good week.  I really appreciate your prayers! Thank you so much for praying for us to find investigators.  I know that your prayers (and ours) are being heard and we are being blessed with opportunities to find new investigators.  I love you and can't wait to talk to you on Christmas!

Elder Connor M. Garriss


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