Something that stood out to me this week in my studies was Isaiah 41:10. It was the inspiration for one of the verses of How Firm a Foundation. I really love the powerful words of "Fear thou not; for I am with thee... for I am thy God". It makes me think of "Be still and know that I am God." All things are in his control and I need not worry about every little thing. In the words of President Gordon B Hinckley, "It will all work out".

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 9, 2015
This week has been a long week.  We had interviews with President and Sister Choi on Wednesday (these were the normal once every 3 month interviews, not special ones) and that went alright.  Elder Pulini and I had extra long interviews and then had to stay after and be interviewed again as a companionship.  It was good for us.
We gave Connie a church tour this week and included our Ward Mission Leader (Brother Matthews)
and her fellowship (Sister Allen).  The tour went great! She could really feel the Spirit and commit to coming to church on Sunday.  Saturday night, we stopped by again and there had been a little melt down with her ex-husband.  Without going into details, it wasn't clear whether she would be able to attend or not but she said she wanted to.  She didn't end up coming.
Nothing too exciting is going on at the moment.  We attended a ward activity playing volleyball and helped a new family move into the ward.  We are just trying to find people to teach and stay out of trouble.
I am trying to become more like Peter and the Apostles of old.  Peter and his Brethren were sharing the gospel with some men.  One of them spoke up against Peter and the Apostles and "And to him they [the other men] agreed: and when they had called the apostles, and beaten them, they commanded that they should not speak in the name of Jesus, and let them go." (Acts 5:40).  To me, I feel like I would have given up -- oftentimes I feel I do give up in similar situations -- or at least I would have been discouraged.  Probably complained.  But how did the Apostles feel? "And they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name. And daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ." (Acts 5:41-42 emphasis added).  They rejoiced! I smile and even laugh a little to myself as I think of that.  These men were just beaten up and they go away having a good time!  I think of the number of times someone has yelled at us, or told us there is "no soliciting here" and we go away laughing, on to the next door!  What a great opportunity we (all of us, not just missionaries) have to share the gospel and stand shoulder to shoulder with the Apostles of old as we "cease not to teach and preach Jesus Christ".
I love you!

Elder Connor Marshall Garriss

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