Something that stood out to me this week in my studies was Isaiah 41:10. It was the inspiration for one of the verses of How Firm a Foundation. I really love the powerful words of "Fear thou not; for I am with thee... for I am thy God". It makes me think of "Be still and know that I am God." All things are in his control and I need not worry about every little thing. In the words of President Gordon B Hinckley, "It will all work out".

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Might have been more police than marchers (May 4, 2015)

It was a pretty good week.  I'm looking forward to Mother's Day! Should be fun!  Anyway, it was a rough start in the beginning of the week.  We didn't really see any success and we did a lot of walking.  

On Friday we went on an exchange with the zone leaders and I went over to the Elliott Bay Ward which covers downtown Seattle.  They had a march going on that night which was pretty crazy ha.  They called it "May Day" (lame name but whatever) and they were marching down the middle of Seattle essentially (which happens to be the middle of the area too).  No one really knows what they were marching for so it seemed pretty silly to me but they were all wearing masks and there was a ton of police. Might have been more police than marchers.  Helicopters were flying around too and sirens were going so while we were driving it felt like Gotham City was under attack from Bane or something.  The next day, everything was back to normal.  That was the excitement of the exchange ha.

During the exchange, Elder Griffiths had found a new investigator who accepted a baptismal date named Victoria! So please keep her in your prayers.  Hopefully we can baptize her on the 30th.

We had stake conference here in the Seattle North Stake.  it was awesome!  We had Elder Sitati come and speak and President Choi attended.  If that first name sounds familiar, it is because he spoke in general conference this last month.  So it was pretty sweet to have 2 members of the 70 speaking in the same location.  Much revelation was received.  We talked much on the importance of counseling together as a family in councils, as well as developing (especially for us young single adults -- the stake I am serving in has 3 YSA wards because of the college campus) our own persona; "board of directors" or a personal council whom we can talk with when making decisions.  That really stood out to me as Elder Sitati encouraged making our personal Heros and Heroines a part of this board/council.  As he encouraged and spoke on this topic, I was inspired and Proverbs 24:6 was recalled to my mind specifically "in [a] multitude of counsellors there is safety".  Oh how true that is, for when we make decisions without consulting others, they become hasty, and rash.  The church has set an example of this allowing for never 1 person to rule solely but by Presidencies.

As for Mother's Day, we will be having dinner with Bishop Every and making our skype call sometime between 5 and 8pm Seattle time.  Probably closer to 6-8 because dinner starts at 5 but we haven't ironed all out of the details.  Dad and I should be friends on Skype already but if not, I have written down his Skype name.

I love you!

Elder Connor M. Garriss

Elder Sitati
Another area mural

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